Alchemical introduction through the middle way

Authors : anonymous
434 pages
Price : 25,00 € TTC

The Alchemist is a conscientious searcher who observes the nature’s unfolding within the microcosm of his laboratory, through the reactions produced in his crucibles and balloons.

But he also need to travel the celestial and terrestrial macrocosm in order to explore his inner world. This is how, on an blissful encounter in front of the gate of the philosopher’s garden, Mikaël and Doc Faust, a timeless character, get to know each other. Together, they will walk along paths that will, step by step, open the door of alchemy to the reader. The journey of Mikaël, as the Ariadne’s string in the maze, will lead us through the classical books, then to the Easter Island and Santiago de Compostella, and finally on the philosophy and quantum physics.

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Doc Faust and Mickaël

Two fictional characters who could exist and who go through a story to make a journey of initiation to alchemy.

But as it says: "the truths of today are the mistakes of tomorrow"